Quad is interested in providing the latest technology in the field of security systems, closed circuit television systems (surveillance cameras), entry and exit control system, fingerprint devices, communication devices, detection and protection devices, alarms, and other related security systems that work with artificial intelligence and everything that provides you with follow-up and protection Your business and your property, wherever you are, that are used in all sectors

Quad its branches were established in 2006 To provide the latest information technology services Communications, security solutions and contracting for the government and private sectors at the highest levels through engineers and specialized experts and technicians who have professionalism and professionalism

Surveillance cameras and artificial intelligence

Designing and implementing CCTV networks according to the security requirements of each project. Integrating the cameras system with other security systems Connecting the cameras to the database to identify people and determine

Surveillance and intrusion detection systems

The outer fence is covered with a sensitive fire cable placed underground or on the fences - taking into account the gates and their connection through infrared sensors. - Intelligent system through the program can fully control the system

Detection and examination devices for weapons

Devices for detecting and identifying chemicals, explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials and identifying them quickly and with high efficiency

Security gates and fenders

QUAD supplies, installs and maintains devices, gates and sensors for detecting weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Entry and exit control system

Design and implementation of entry and exit control gates and barriers, while allowing authorized persons to enter, and they are connected to the program to know the persons and the time of their entry and exit

Our team has the knowledge in completing the expected objectives and makes it possible to formulate ideas according to market requirements. We blend experience, innovation and technology to create a masterpiece for you.
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